JB's Karaoke Section

Overall Karaoke Information

Karaoke has been more than a popular form of entertainment. This page will focus on the the events closer to the South Bay area. There will be other information on other locattions outside of the south bay. As this sire grows the will be more areas and information as well as some usefull tools. For now there is some basic information on south bay locations and times. There is also a picture gallery of folks having a good time at various locations. Have a look to the right that contain websites for the folks who run the show. You can find other karaoke related sites there as well.

Lets Get Started

The first thing that can be kicked off is the list of Karaoke events that are coming up fot this week. There is a usefull page provided by The Metro which has listings on karoke locatrions.. See the top link on the right to do a search. Also take out the other links there for additional indormation.