2013 Adventures Highlights


Happy 2014! 

Here is a video that was put together from most of the activity pics (walked, biked,  hiked and events) that were put up on Facebook. It turned out to be a 40 min recap. Have a peek to see where I wound up and what the scenery was like. Pictures were randomized (completely) the sound track is from a streaming station I capture the tunes that I like to listen to while out adventuring. You can click the double diagonal arrows near the top right of the video to go full screen (where available) :





A few production notes..

I’ve now spent enough time on this that it’s now something I consider a semi-project. I will probably tweak it more. I originally put this up on YouTube (First upload ever!) I was all Jazzed about finally having something that I published actually on YT. I neglected to do proper research on my “content” and the sound track I used was flagged with Copyrighted material from like 9 sections in the video. (Technically I think it’s cool that it can be done, but not a win for me at all) I figured instead of publishing and then getting yanked or face the wrath of YouTube content Czars I would move it here.So, now that it’s here,  I’m probably at risk for some other type of whatever  blah blah blah I managed to scofflaw. My overall objective was to note that the music that was in the video was what I actually listen to. Maybe some one will like it and ask me “Who does that song?’. Well thanks to the YT content validation features I have a way to let them know (Or they can just use Shazam (TM)  (C) etc… 😉

Hope you enjoy(ed) it.


1/1/2014 =)